Every project and situation contains its own unique challenges, needs and desires. We custom engineer solutions, from the communications network and database storage to software design, installation and support. Our processes for success are meticulously thought out and professionally implemented as follows:

Research & Analysis Phase
We begin by gathering all documentation pertaining to the existing SCADA and communications systems from the client, as well as any information available on the turbine PLC hardware and software protocols. We then perform a site visit to evaluate the existing communications systems and all ancillary communications links. We will also determine infrastructure requirements and assess structural mounting specifications and installation requirements in accordance with Client's needs while on site. We will 'capture' clients' communications codes from the CO and also directly from the tower for data acquisition, whenever possible. During our visit, we will also download and begin analyzing the existing SCADA platform(s) currently running. While constantly evaluating data collected while on site, our engineering team will now conduct its final review and appraisal process. After completing our comparative analysis of all existing systems, determining feasibility options, we will make recommendations for necessary upgrades and/or retrofits. We then work with the client to identify the scope of work that best fits their needs, both operationally and financially. After a systems solution has been agreed upon, cost estimates are submitted for approval.

Design & Development Phase
Using the information assembled and conclusions achieved during due diligence, we will design and develop a complete solution based on the scope of work. Detailed, professional programming of WindCapture™ is customized to the client's requests. This incorporates identifying the appropriate components and disciplines to integrate, configuration details, installation specifications, and to ensure optimal efficiency and effectiveness of the final product(s).

Build Out and Test Phase
Wherever applicable, and usually whenever possible, we will simulate as much as practical off site. We will set up all software and hardware components, mount and/or connect all equipment, communication cabling, fiber optics, radios etc. and coordinate any ancillary needs from the client. We will then conduct off-site acceptance tests of the installation prior to start up. Acceptance test periods will vary depending on the complexity of the design.

Rollout and Support
Our experience ensures complete and timely implementation of all network solutions and integrations with minimal disruption to the vital business operations and functions. We will work closely with clients' field staff and Management for a smooth installation through on-site pre-installation meetings, post-installation adjustments and tech support.

Although the process seems tedious, these are necessary steps for a reliable system. Beware of 'off the shelf' fixes when it comes to your SCADA system. Many designs will not 'talk' to your existing protocols, which include VPCs, PLCs RF and other communications systems.

Project Management
Creating, coordinating and deploying business solutions on time and within budget require a disciplined approach. As a result, with our experience in multiple fields of SCADA and communication systems, we have consistently evolved our methodology to meet the needs of our clients along with the demands of technology's growing pace.

Our Project Management program ensures project completion through all phases of research, design, development, construction and deployment. Our team is always available and covers:

» Quality Assurance
» Status Updates
» Integration Support
» Timelines, Budget and Scope review
» Communications Planning

Our engineering team, management and staff are confident in our abilities to produce and deliver an economically feasible solution to fully restore and/or upgrade communications and SCADA systems in most situations. If, however, we are unable to provide a solution that meets your needs or challenges, we will offer our experience, expertise and best efforts to help you find one. Our end goal is to provide the products, services and resources to help service our clients' requirements and wishes in any manner we can.