SCADA Solutions' flagship product, WindCapture™ is a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software package used for monitoring, controlling and data collection and reporting for wind turbine generators (WTG). It was designed and tailored to the demands of manufacturers, operators, developers and maintenance managers of wind energy projects and facilities. Nearly a year in the making, the results are a completely integrated control design essential to the utilization and maintenance of critical renewable energy assets.

Regardless of the make of turbines in your project(s), SSI customizes WindCapture™ with every installation to ensure the reliable flow and presentation of needed data. The system also combines a comprehensive database management system for standardized and customized operations reports and powerful analytic graphs, charts, tables and other tools. You can use preset timetables or input any time period parameter and easily export to Excel™.

WindCapture™ has numerous usable, integrated functions that work with your infrastructure's communications network. Some of the various valuable features include:

The SCADA systems currently found on many larger wind farms and farms consisting of older turbines have difficulty dealing with expansion and suffer from significant performance drops as a farm grows since they lack Scalability. WindCapture™ is engineered to handle any number of turbines, and is easily upgraded to sustain any future growth. SSI can connect your projects together, and your various farms together. Our design platforms also support projects consisting of several different types of turbines.

As wind generation becomes increasingly widespread, it is necessary that operating SCADA systems are also compatible with enterprise systems. Additionally, they need to report data to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), supply chain, financial, and operating systems. If a user requires specific plant information, they will be able to access it remotely, without having to place a telephone call to transmit the data.

In addition to minimizing the amount of data lost, SSI's WindCapture™ systems provide real-time Reporting with the highest degree of accuracy. If operators are able to quickly identify and measure the issues in a process, they can systematically figure out how to eliminate them, and get as close to a zero forced outage rate as possible. Additionally, trends and analysis reporting is increasingly important for owners and operators. Production curves and optimization graphs and comparative analysis reports are a simple point and click away and can be easily exported to Excel™ for further manipulation and presentation.

WindCapture™ offers an unprecedented level of automation. Automated curtailment easily handles curtailment setpoints from the power-outtaker or CAISO and allows operators to define which turbines, or groups of turbines, will be curtailed. Turbines are shutdown or brought on-line to match the curtailment setpoint as the wind changes. Autorun modules allow operators to define when turbines run based on environmental conditions such as: wind direction, wind speed, time-of-day and turbine specific setpoints like hydraulic, gear or bearing temperatures. Market Reactive modules allow operators to set curtailment points based on real-time/next-interval market pricing from CAISO. Gain some peace of mind knowing that your profits won't disappear during negative pricing events.

Advanced GUI
It is essential for operators of wind farms to have an Advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI), that displays accurate data in real-time. WindCapture™ offers complete form-based GUI software that is remotely accessible and easily navigated by authorized operators. The GUI displays all of the monitoring sensors from a particular project or farm with detailed information on each turbine. This advanced system also allows the authorized user to dynamically change parameters that may change, such as fault detection values of wind speed or the maintenance schedule for a particular pole.

Remote Access Capabilities
Enormous growth in the shear number of turbines per project, not to mention the vast territory where any one field may reside, has made Remote Access Capabilities far more than just a convenience. Efficiencies are needed in detecting, analyzing and solving the every day problems encountered on wind farms that prohibit production and decrease productivity.

SCADA Solutions solves these challenges by utilizing a technology platform that supports data reporting, alarm and status updates to operators via the web, SMS, e-mail, or even remotely by supporting mobile platforms such as IOS and Android. Turbines are now being reset from the central office or from your living room. Fault codes can be sent to your maintenance crews' cell phones, with detailed error detection information. Meter reading and predictive maintenance scheduling is now being done miles away from the pole. Information accessibility has become increasingly vital to the operations, productivity and maintenance of wind projects.

WindCapture™ represents a complete windfarm computer monitoring and control system for almost any turbine make. Each and every system is customized to your specific needs by our engineers and meets the most demanding requirements. Its open architecture allows for easy troubleshooting, upgrades and internal modifications and advancements. To learn more about its advantages and how WindCapture™ can support, improve and assist you to better manage your wind assets, please contact one of our solutions experts.