Our superior communication, SCADA automation and integration capabilities allow us to provide solutions to turbines old and new. Whether you are looking for a complete custom project-wide solution for several windfarms or just inquiring to upgrade your communications mesh for one field, SSI is ready to service your needs, large or small. Please complete the relevant fields below and submit your request at the bottom or call one of solutions experts to discuss your needs in greater detail.

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AOC 15/50 50kW
Bonus 65kW
Bonus 120 kW
Bonus 150 kW
Bonus-Combi 250 kW
Bonus 450 kW
Carter 25 kW
Clipper L 2.5 MW
DWT-Windane 34 400 kW
Danwin 160 kW
Delta 150 kW
Gamesa 2 MW
GE Energy 1.5 MW
Howden 330 kW
Howden 750 kW
Kenetech 56-100 100 kW
Kenetech 33M 300 kW
Micon 65 kW
Micon 108 kW
Micon M-1500 600 kW
Micon M-1500 700 kW
Micon M-1800 700 kW
Mitsubishi 500 kW
Mitsubishi M100 1 MW
Nedwind 500 kW
Nordex 1 MW
Nordic N1000 - 1MW
Nordtank 65 kW
Siemens SWT-2.3-93 2.3MW
Suzlon S52 600 kW
Tacke TW500kW
Vanguard S-17 95 kW
Vestas V-15 90 kW
Vestas V-17 90 kW
Vestas V-27 225kW
Vestas V-39 500 kW
Wincon 110 kW
Windmatic S-15 65 kW
Windmatic S-17 95 kW
Zond Z-40 750 kW
Other (please specify):