Distributed Automation...
SCADA Solutions has teamed with communications innovator Landis+Gyr, a worldwide leader in electricity metering and energy management, to integrate advanced radio technologies into the wind industry.

Distributed automation solutions require several key elements - from the end devices to the host application - with a strong communication network in between. Inherent features of the communication network include: real-time two-way communications, scalability, reliability with self healing capabilities, and a high-level of security, while being cost effective for today's deployments. Three critical technologies from Landis+Gyr allows SCADA Solutions to integrate and create its intelligent windfarm communications networks: an RF mesh architecture with peer-to-peer communication and network functionality, asynchronous spread spectrum frequency hopping for maximum use of bandwidth, and packet switching for automatic error checking, retries and store-and-forward routing.

Landis+Gyr's full two-way wireless RF Mesh communication network, currently used by more than 200 utilities worldwide for distribution automation and SCADA controls, is the integral piece of SSI'ss windfarm communications solutions. The Distributed Automation radios form the foundation of a RF mesh network and serve multiple functions. Each radio can communicate to end devices for data collection, monitoring, or control functions. This may involve transparent applications where data is merely passed through the network. Or it may involve programs running within the radios and/or other gateway devices to perform custom applications, increase network efficiency, or enhance network functionality. Additionally, each radio interacts with its neighboring radios to form a wide area network (WAN) into which it may initiate a packet, automatically route a packet between other radios, or accept a packet as the final destination.

SCADA Solutions' strategic partnership with Landis+Gyr allows the company to deliver the most advanced radio technologies available in the marketplace. Landis+Gyr has over 5,000 employees with 600 full-time professionals dedicated to R&D, and operations in 30 countries across five continents. The partnership is committed to providing end-to-end, advanced communications solutions that will empower the next generation of smart grid wind farms.

Applications Engineering
Our highly-qualified Applications Engineers are experts in the application of fiber optic media, cable, connectors and hardware. No matter how complex or challenging your requirements, our team can develop a custom solution that's reliable, mitigates risk, and helps speed up project implementation schedules. SCADA Solutions' engineers are skilled at designing the most advanced single- and multi-mode cable assemblies-guaranteed to meet even the most stringent connector/cable specifications. We work with you to solve cable-related problems and help lower project costs by facilitating creative solutions.

Fiber Optic Termination
SCADA Solutions is a leader in the application of cutting-edge fiber optic terminations and splicing methods. No matter the number or complexity of your fiber optic terminations, our Applications Specialists can help you in selecting the right component for each step in the termination and assembly process.

Customers have confidence that every assembly has been manufactured to your exact specifications, using brand name products. They know that every assembly has been fully tested to international industry standards before it leaves our door. Our streamlined work order system, audited under the ISO9001:2000 standards, ensures that each project is completed on time and as specified.

» Available in any length, on spools when applicable
» 1-288 fiber cable in 50/125, 62.5/125, 100/140 or single mode
» Optional pulling sheath installed upon request
» Choose your connector type or combination
» Cable available from industry leading manufacturers

Harsh Environment Assemblies
Harsh Environment Assemblies Mil-qualified assemblies are built to withstand the demands of the most rigorous environments and applications. These assemblies are ideal for any application where standard assemblies would be damaged by chemical, environmental or physical stresses. Available features include: hybrid assemblies, copper/fiber combinations, and multimode and single mode termini. Request these Series and more:

» Hermaphroditic connectors for conditions where end-to-end connector flexibility is necessary
» M28876-designed for shipboard and ship to shore applications
» D38999-designed for tactical or industrial applications
» Mil Spec ST-QPL Military ST fiber optic connector